Mineral Content of Our Water

Soaking in a hot springs need not be solely reserved for a relaxing vacation or a weekend getaway. These mineral-rich waters offer a slew of natural health benefits you may not know about.  The healing powers of hot springs have been used for thousands of years and are widely accepted all over the world.  There are regions featuring geothermal pools, hot springs, and water heated by volcanic activity that also contain healing and curative properties.  Minerals in the water help to alleviate ailments and diseases like asthma, psoriasis, muscle pain, acne, arthritis, neuralgia, and more. And not only is it healthy, it’s relaxing too.

The therapeutic use of water, or balneotherapy, could be, “Just what the doctor ordered”, when it comes to relieving pain, stress, skin woes and more.

Here is a list of the minerals in our water:

  • Sodium 99.5 mg/l– Helps balance fluids, water balance, brain function, muscle cramps, anti-aging
  • Calcium 360mg/l– Helps bone development; bone health (osteoporosis), arthritis, dental care, insomnia, menopause, cramps, weight loss, high blood pressure
  • Magnesium 9.8 mg/l– Relaxes muscles, maintains normal heart rhythms, converts blood sugar to energy, it maintains muscle tissue and hormone levels.
  • Potassium 9.8 mg/l– Normalizes heart rhythms; has been shown to reduce muscle cramps, support healthy muscle growth, moderate stress, helps with circulation
  • Chloride 47.9 mg/l– Helps keep the amount of fluid inside and outside of cells in balance and helps maintain blood volume
  • Sulfate 10.30 mg/l– Acne, arthritis, back/shoulder/neck pain, detoxify the body, anti-inflammatory
  • Iron 4.15 mg/l– Hemoglobin formation, body metabolism, muscle activity, anemia, brain function, immunity, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, regulation of body temperature
  • Manganese 0.821 mg/l – Body metabolism, osteoporosis, fatigue, reproduction, inflammation, brain function, epilepsy, helps with bone development
  • Fluoride 2.32 mg/l– Prevention of tooth and bone decay
  • Boron 0.03 mg/l– Bone health, brain function, anti-aging, muscle pain
  • Molybdenum 0.007 mg/l– Supports dental health, essential enzyme
  • Zinc 0.017 mg/l– Skin care, healing of wounds, colds, weight loss, aids in digestion
  • Phosphate (trace amounts)– Weakness, bone health, brain function, sexual weakness, dental care, body metabolism, salt, plentiful energy
  • Lithium (trace amounts)– Associated with healthy brain function
  • Barium 0.02 mg/l– helps balance gastrointestinal tract
  • Selenium (trace amounts)– helps prevent cancer
  • Chlorine (varies)– Disinfectant
  • Bicarbonate 178 mg/l– Antacid


Article Written By Debbie Senft  (Lead Cashier)