Hot Pool Highlights-Ouray Hot Springs

hot pool design
This month I am going to give you some interesting facts about our new hot pool section of the renovation. First off why the curvy design? The concept for this was to create a pool that will hold a lot of people but still feel like you have your own private area. The idea was to increase the square footage and to also increase the bench space (edge space). The new hot pool will hold 357 people in 3565 square feet holding 80,000 gallons compared to the old pool hot section holding approx. 30,000 gallons.

Hot Pool Forms 5

Hot Pool Forms 7
We will have 2 depths in the new hot pool. The first entry on the south end at 30 inches (making it nice for families to access) and slopes to 36 inches at the north end, which is about the same as the previous hot section. We have also added a handicap access ramp entry into the hot pool. This will eliminate you having to look for a staff member to help lift you in or out of the water. You can utilize this whenever you need.


If you remember in the old pool the water came in on one wall and the heat distribution was very uneven. With the new geothermal supply lines we have water entering all over through the walls and even the floors to give uniform heat distribution throughout the pool. Total turnover of all water in the section can be done in as little as 3 ½ hours compared to about a day in the past. The temperature for the new hot pool will range from 100 to 106 degrees.

Hot section shotcrete 90%(pic)
One addition that we have added is LED in water lighting which we never had in the past. This will eliminate those bright lights hanging overhead shining down on you. This will be great, especially on those wonderful starry nights that we so often have here!

panorama soaking pool
Currently in the plans is a boulder feature with the temperature of each pool and the City of Ouray logo. There are also shade sails as extra added features. We have plans for three of them. One to be located over the south end of the hot pool, for those that want to get out of the sun on those extra hot days.

We hope you are getting as excited as we are for this new hot pool! With all of its curves, bench seating and same wonderful scenic views of the mountains, it will be amazing!

 Help us fill this new hot pool!

Article written by Debbie Senft (Customer Service Rep)