Renovation Project Re-Cap: To Date Summary of Progress

If you’ve been watching the renovation project via our webcam or by simply driving past the pool, it’s hard to believe all the progress in just 2 ½ months! Updates are continuously being posted to our Facebook page and website on a bi-weekly basis regarding the construction progress; however, with everything going on, we thought it would be beneficial to re-cap the progress thus far.

Staff Projects
A common conversation I’ve been having over the past couple of months is, “It must be nice to have all that time off while the pool is closed”. Unbeknownst to most in the general public, pool staff members are working diligently to get the pool facility up and running for the summer season.

“How many?” Because the pool began reducing operating hours in the month of September 2016 in anticipation of renovations beginning the following month, our normal fall hiring cycle was cancelled. Because of this, our normal year-round staff of 23 (give or take a few), currently sat at 13 at the end of September. With renovations looming on the horizon, pool staff members were given opportunities to sign contracts in August of 2016 for continued employment through the renovation project. In turn for employment through the project, employees signed commitments to work through Labor Day of 2017, thus helping us through our new transition period. I am proud to say that 12 of the 13 employees were happy to continue work through the project.

“What are you doing?” Since the beginning of October, pool staff has split into various groups to complete tasks inside and outside the pool facility. Outside the facility, staff members have been completing various projects for other city departments. These projects were numerous and varied greatly in scope. As of today, these projects are still being completed. An upcoming blog at the end of this month will highlight these accomplishments. Inside the facility, staff has been monitoring the construction progress through regular weekly meetings, maintaining our social media platforms, updating our website, staffing the lobby (showers and purchasing of memberships), maintaining our fitness center and keeping up with general facilities maintenance. In addition to these daily tasks, we have put a significant amount of time into planning for this upcoming season (more to come on this during next month’s newsletter).

In July of 2016, the Ouray City Council approved a professional service agreement with Gary Gordon LTD. Owner, Garry Schalla, was originally tasked with raising additional revenue for the construction of a new bathhouse. As the pool renovation project has progressed, the scope of Garry’s responsibilities has now included raising additional revenue for the pool renovation project currently underway.

Currently, Garry is finalizing a number of documents and strategies to move fundraising efforts forward. This includes: Frequently Asked Questions and responses that will be used to help build enthusiasm as to why people should donate to the project, finalizing sponsorship levels and recognition for donations, brochures and donor packets, contact lists and strategies for requests to specific individuals and organizations, coordination of information between social media and donation outlets, crowdfunding strategies, donor events, and timelines. This package should be presented to the City Council on January 17th.


Donations can currently be made in person at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool or online at A full donation page should be up and running shortly after Garry’s presentation to council.

Master Plan

Master Plan

Construction Document

Construction Document









Site Plan
The captions above speak for themselves – the Master Plan and Construction documents look incredibly similar. Although there haven’t been any major changes to the pool dimensions or shapes, there have been “tweaks”:

Pumphouse: The size of the pumphouse had to be increased to accommodate new filtration equipment for the pools, office space, storage space, and room for future expansion.
Waterslides: The waterslide flumes will no longer empty into a pool. To increase safety, the slides will not feature runouts. This will allow for a safe de-acceleration when coming off the slides.
Shade Sails: In response to your comments regarding lack of shade and seating areas, the design now features a large shaded seating area on the northwest side of the facility. In addition to this, shaded soaking areas have been created in the corners of the hot and shallow pools.
Hot Pool: Due to safety concerns, islands have been removed from the hot section of the pool.
Shallow Pool: The zero depth entry has been removed in favor of increasing the available soaking areas in the colder months of the year. In addition to this, the handicap access ramp has been moved along the wall to reduce interference with guarding.
Splash Pad: While not currently in the first phase of the renovation project, a splash pad area has been designated next to the waterslide area. If project contingencies are not used, there is a possibility of funding this quite soon.
Shade Structures: The shade structure that most are familiar with (southeast side of the facility), will remain in place through the next summer season. The shade structure originally proposed on the west side of the facility will be taken out for pumphouse expansion. Other shade options are being explored near the west side of the current bathhouse.

While a more detailed description of the construction process can be found on our Renovation Info page, here is a summary of the progress made thus far:
Demolition-98% Complete (Pool, Pumphouse, Deck, Electrical)
Gas Relocate-100% Complete
Electrical Re-Route-100% Complete
Storm Sewer-20% Complete
Pool Excavation-100% Complete
Pool Piping-40% Complete (Soaking, Hot, Shallow, Lap Lanes, Activity)
Pool Fill-40% Complete
Pool Forms-60% Complete
Pool Rebar-40% Complete
Pumphouse Foundation-90% Complete
Pool Concrete Slabs-30% Complete

As you can see, many people are working diligently on this Renovation Project! When our renovations are complete, we hope all of the changes will enhance your experience at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool. We want to provide you with the best of both worlds, whether it’s a day of high-energy fun with the family or a relaxing evening soak. Read more about the Renovation Project here: 


Article Written By Tom Kavanaugh (Pool Manager)