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massage at the ouray hot springs
  • Located at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool

  • Open 7 days a week

  • 2 cozy massage rooms located poolside for your convenience

Offering multiple massage techniques from 5 certified and licensed therapists on staff. Techniques include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Trager, Sports Massage, Myo Therapy and Reiki.

Owner Paula C. Hayes, a licensed therapist of 29 years, is an expert in several massage techniques. Her specialty is “Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy”, a deep compression massage performed by the feet. This technique is highly therapeutic and is known as the deepest most luxurious massage on the planet!

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massage at the ouray hot springs

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Some Services Offered


Using sweeping strokes, kneading, passive stretching and vibration type movements to penetrate and relax the muscles.  This massage technique was made famous in Sweden.


Typically performed on the feet and lower legs, also hands but whole body can be involved.  A technique based on stimulating points to effect relaxation, balance and healing of the body.  Excellent when it is contraindicated for whole body to be worked on.


Finer, knuckle, elbow and or heel pressure stimulates acupuncture points in order to regulate life fore energy (Chi).  The aim is to achieve therapeutic and pathological changes and relief from pain, discomfort and physiological imbalances.

Ashiatsu, Oriental Bar Therapy

You are worked on with the therapist’s bare feet; this is considered compression massage.  The most luxurious deep massage available on the planet!