Tyler Benke is the new Aquatics Coordinator here at the Ouray Hot Springs, but started here as a lifeguard in 2011.  He took the job because he had been helping out at his family’s restaurant for many years and decided it was time to take on a new challenge.  He liked the idea of working in a more medical based field and the Hot Springs seems like a perfect fit.

In his spare time Tyler enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including hiking and rock climbing, but also spends time playing guitar and reading good books.  He loves to climb 14er’s and makes a point of climbing Mount Sneffels every year.  One of his favorite hikes in the area is the Bridge of Heaven.  The views is this area are beautiful and unique and those are some of the best things about living here in Ouray.  He also loves the abundance of outdoor activities that are available in this tiny mountain town and that there is plenty to explore all over the area nearby.

Tyler likes to keep fit so he can enjoy his outdoor activities and his favorite pool here at the hot springs is the Lap pool.  There is nowhere else that you can get a great workout with a majestic view like the one here at the pool.