Activity Pool Highlights

activity pool

The new Activity pool will most likely be the favorite of kids and adults alike with the addition of a Rock Climbing Wall which will be located on the southwest side of the pool.

Climbing Wall Mock-Up

The activity pool will also be the new home of our very popular Wibit (obstacle course). The Wibit will live on the east side of the pool running north to south during our summer months. This area of the pool that is home to these 2 activities will require that all children 12 and under will have to take a swim test to be able to climb the Climbing Wall or navigate the Wibit.

Wibit Picture 2015

The new activity pool will hold 223,750 gallons and have a capacity of 255 people. This section will also have stairs to enter the pool from the northeast side and a handicap access ramp on the north side. Led lighting will be throughout this section and will be a great improvement for the entire pool. This area has always been known as the deep end of the pool and not utilized as much as the other areas, so hopefully now with the new additions it will be full of patrons, and be a fun place to play all summer.deep well

Written by: Debbie Senft
Customer Service Associate