Rebecca Even

Rebecca is a lead lifeguard here at the Ouray Hot Springs Pool.  She has worked here on and off for about three years.  She took the job here originally because she grew up swimming in pools in Florida and feels at home in the water.

Rebecca has a variety of hobbies and most involve enjoying the great outdoors and the beautiful views around the area.  Her favorite thing to do in her spare time is hike the trails around town with her dogs and swim in the alpine lakes around the area.  She also crafts hand made earrings, loves to sing and loves to sample microbrews from the brewpubs in Colorado.

Rebecca’s favorite thing about Ouray is the small town atmosphere and the amazing views that this town has to offer.  Her favorite pool here is the Lap pool.  She loves the fact that she can swim in a beautiful pool with beautiful surroundings at an elevation near 8000 feet.  Our lap pool is a league above the pools that she grew up swimming in down in Florida.  There is something special about an outdoor pool in the mountains that is unlike anywhere she has been before.